We are so delighted that Ben and Joe from Benzina Zero are coming to our Noosa EV Expo. Their 1M2 project embodies everything that we would like to see happen in our Noosa community.

What is the 1M2 Project? The Benzina founders, Ben and Joe, wanted to give back to the environment and not just through supplying zero emission vehicles to the world. For each vehicle they sell in Australia and around the globe they will regenerate 1M2 of land which will help create the Benzina Zero Forest. For Ben and Joe, it is more than just trees in the ground, by creating biodiverse and sustainable landscapes they will ensure we are giving our children the best chance to live in world with a stable climate and future. Through their partner, Greenfleet, every customer that purchases one of their vehicles will become a “Benzina Zero Hero” and will be joining a community with leading Australian brands and businesses (including Telstra, GPT, EBOS, Taronga Zoo, CANVA and Europcar) that are demonstrating environmental commitment, acknowledging the need to reduce the impacts on our climate by taking action in a tangible way. There is no planet B.

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