We are delighted that the UQ Racing Team has signed up to be an exhibitor at our June EV Expo. We will be really trying to encourage our Noosa high schools students to come to the Expo and chat to the team.

UQ Racing is a team of students from the University of Queensland who design, develop, and build race cars to compete in the Formula SAE competition. The team is composed of a diverse selection of students from a range of backgrounds including engineering, business, marketing, and IT.

Through involvement in the project, students gain practical engineering design and manufacturing experience as well as the opportunity to develop skills in project management, teamwork, networking, and financial and resource management. The project is not just about results, but furthering student education, forging links with industry and creating well rounded graduates.

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Latest figures from Queensland vehicle registrations clearly demonstrate the growth of EV purchases. With better supply capacity, we have no doubt the curve would be even higher. Current EV registrations are as follows:

At the end of January 2022, Queensland had registrations for:

  • 7,253 BEVs, including 24 electric buses,

  • 2,088 PHEVs, and

  • 955 electric motorcycles,

creating a total of:

  • 9,341 EVs excluding motorcycles, and

  • 10,296 inc. motorcycles.

For more information on Queensland EV owner characteristics, go to EV Insights.

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Noosa residents keep calling out for quiet electric buses to replace the Sunbus noisy diesel ones, so it was not surprising that there was huge interest in the Yutong electric bus at the 2021 Noosa EV Expo.

We are delighted that they are returning to our June 2022 Expo, and expect that Noosa residents will once again be asking the question: "When do we get electric buses for Noosa?"

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